Getting eyes on your events and gift vouchers can be difficult, but there are some nifty little things you can do to maximise your chances of getting them seen and selling quickly and for free!

I’ve seen it a million times over the past 11 years, people will set up a new gift voucher or event ticket then wait for people to come and find it…. But what if I told you that there are proven ways to get people buying, and quickly

Get eyes on your event

These 11 sales tips will help you kick-start your sales and quickly get people looking and buying at what you have just added.

1. Get them listed early and well ahead of the date:  If you do nothing else, do this one. It takes time to get listed in search engine results, which is why you need to plan ahead, way ahead and get them listed and active as early as you possibly can, in fact, if you can, work 12 months in advance to really maximise your search engine position.

2. Make sure you are using keywords for the event in the event name: We use the event name to format the URL for the individual events, and Google loves a URL with the keyword within it, and this combined with getting it listed early will allow you leap up the search engine results.

Google Search

3. Email previous event attendees: Once your event or gift voucher is listed and live, make sure people know about it, don’t wait for them to come to you, be direct, and get straight into their inbox and let them know you have added a fantastic new event for them to attend or a great new gift voucher for them to buy, and don’t forget to add a link that takes them directly to it, make it easy for them to click and look at it.

4. Early bird discounts: Don’t think of it as giving away profit, think of it as one of the best forms of advertising… word of mouth! Get people buying and get them telling their friends and family about the event or gift voucher they have just purchased, and before you know it your sales will start to increase.

Early Bird Offers

5. Get it to go viral: Want to get your event or gift voucher in front of 1000’s of people instead of just 10’s or 100’s? Run a mini competition to give away a pair of tickets or a chance to win one of your new gift vouchers, and within 48hrs you could get in front of 1000’s of people as they like and share the details about you across all of their social media platforms with all their friends and family. It’s like having an army of salespeople promoting your event for you, and all for free! You will also gain a ton of new social media followers doing this as well.

6. Get people back without lifting a finger: If you didn’t already know, you can set up automatic follow up emails to send out to people who have given permission and have purchased from you in the past. Just create a generic follow up email within, define how long ago people should have purchased from you, and your all set. The system will now automatically monitor and send an email to people who purchased from you, based on their time period you have set on a daily basis.

Follow Up Date

7. Get creative with your page banners: Need to promote something, or draw peoples attention to new events or gift vouchers on your page, why not create a new eye-catching page banner on your sales page with a clickable link to take visitors straight to it. It’s another creative way to grab peoples attention when they visit your page.

8. Use all the free tools that you can: Did you know that you can set up your events on Facebook, and it’s completely free.  Best of all Facebook will do all the marketing for you, reminding people that the event is fast approaching and letting them know if their friends are going. If you do set up events on Facebook, be sure to add us as a co-host, that way we can help you promote it.

9. Double your social media reach:
Creating Instagram and Facebook stories is an absolute must if you are looking for ways to increase the amount of people that see your posts.

We’ve tested it and it works without fail every time, and in some cases your stories will be seen by more people than your post. Don’t forget to use all the tools at your disposal when doing this and add a link within your Facebook or Instagram story, that way people can click straight through a look at information on your events.

10. Get in quick and be included:
Want to get your event(s) in front of as many people as possible, quickly and cost-effectively, why not talk to us about being included in our regular event mailers. Limited to a maximum of 6 events per mailer we can get you into the inboxes of nearly 10k people. This service is currently free while we perfect the content and frequency.

11. Get your event seen where people are looking:
Have your event listed in a prominent position on our website and be seen where people are actively looking for events. The events page banner is a prime location on our site and the first thing people will see when they are looking for events to attend. As with our mailers, it is free to be listed for a 4 weekly cycle until we complete all the new
functionality we are building into the events section.

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You only have to ask! If you want to find out more ways to increase sales, or you need help implementing any of the above tips we have mentioned, get in touch with Dan and the team here

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